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Cleaning windows doesn’t seem like a difficult chore, but it’s not uncommon to start cleaning them only to look back and see streaks, cloth fibers and other debris left behind. It’s not only frustrating; much of the time it’s also a job that simply doesn’t get done properly. Of course there are other concerns to take into consideration when cleaning windows yourself. There are often accessibility issues that prevent people from reaching high windows, skylights and solariums. There are also safety hazards that exist when cleaning windows that are big and hard to reach without the use of a sturdy ladder. If you’re not satisfied with the results you get when you clean windows, it’s time to hire a professional.

Start Loving Your Windows Again

Windows are challenging to clean. They can even be dangerous to clean, and it’s especially difficult to get streak-free, residue-free results while balancing on a ladder. At Splash Window Cleaning, however, we eliminate the hassle, the danger and even the embarrassment of doing the job yourself. Don’t put on another scene for your neighbors to witness as you mount the ladder, attempt to defy gravity and try to stay upright as you clean. Trust us instead to provide those services for you. Start loving your windows again by hiring us to clean your windows to streak-free perfection.

Our Unpanelled Professional Service

Clean windows are really a reflection of your home and your standard of living. They also reflect the company you hire to do the job for you. When your windows are cleaned by Splash Window Cleaning, you’ll get professional service you can count on every time we come out, and you’ll notice a difference right away. We strive to be the best window cleaning company in the industry and we can provide you with top notch service and professional results. We are window cleaning experts.

If you want to hire a window cleaning professional to provide services for your home or commercial building, but you’re concerned about the type of individuals that could come out to do the work for you, don’t be! At Splash Window Cleaning we have the best crew of technicians in the industry. Our uniformed employees are respectful of you, your time and your property. Find out what many other highly satisfied residential and commercial customers are talking about by employing us as your window cleaning professionals.

We routinely clean windows of all sizes, shapes and elevation. In addition to traditional window cleaning, we also clean specialty windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces including:

  • Screens
  • Tracks and frames
  • Skylights
  • Solariums
  • Hard to reach windows
  • Oversized mirrors
To learn more about our residential and commercial window cleaning services, contact us today!

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